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Trial 2
  • How can I book a studio at Alleycat Studio?
    Please refer to our Google form. 😊 We require you to book at least 3 days before your schedule for us to prepare your room.
  • What are the studio rates?
    Our rental rates are per pax, regardless of being photographer, model or assistant. Please refer here to our Studio Rental Rates and Guidelines.
  • Where are you located?
    The studio is located in Crowne Garden Hotel, Salinas Drive. Minutes walk away from IT Park at the heart of Cebu City, Philippines!
  • Do you have any lodging rooms available?
    We also have lodging rooms available. You can get 15% discount on them if you book a studio session.
  • How many themes does Alleycat Studio have?
    We have 5 themes as of the moment.
  • Do you have props for rent?
    Please check out our album for the list of additional props we have for rental.
  • Do you have lights for rent?
    Please check out our album for the list of additional lighting equipment we have for rental.
  • Can we schedule an ocular inspection before booking?
    Yes, you certainly can! Please contact us when so that we can accommodate you properly as much as possible, and make sure it would not conflict with any current bookings of the day.

The white room

Like a white canvass. A versatile space for 

many conceptual ideas.  You can go wild with

various props. The blank wall allows you to

use different colored backdrops to your liking,


Re-experience your childhood. A theme close 

to our hearts. The feeling of youth and

nostalgia. If you watch J-drama or K-drama, it

is usually set in high school, and it is about

THE tatami ROOM

Feel at home with our Traditional Japanese

Room. The shoji partitions can be

repositioned to your liking. Guests are to

remove their footwear while on the delicate

THE oriental garden

An extension of our Tatami Room. Experience

nature on a Japanese engawa fronting a

Sakura Tree with festive lighted Chochin Paper

Lanterns. The Circle Window of